Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Going out with several people

If you get seriously into the "dating market", you will be traveling with quite
a few people here and there may well be some overlap. Some may find this objectionable,
but I do not think that there are fundamental ethical objections to this practice.
In life some people it is very useful to maintain multiple superficial relationships, as deep.
There's nothing wrong with that.

However, the dating can be a problem with several people. I feel very strongly for
the people with whom I go out. Even if I'm not really into them, I still have high respect for
them as a person and will do anything that might hurt their feelings. And right there lies
the problem. Here are some things you should be aware when you go out with several people:
Do not talk about others
I never talk to the person with whom I have just composed, by another person with whom I go out.
From the perspective of my particular dates, they are the only person I meet. Do not get me wrong.
I would not incite to lie. If I were to ask one of the persons with whom I go out,
how many other people in the meet, I would say that I do not think this conversation particularly
effective. If they would insist on an answer, I would tell her the truth.
When dating, it's about two people that enjoy the company of others and show their affection for
each other. These special feelings you can not teach if they are constantly talking about another
person and then look through even make it this is not just an ordinary friendship.
Women are particularly bad in this respect. Please, dear ladies! We do not want to hear from
other men when we go out with you. If you go out with someone, then you give him or
her 100 percent of your affection and attention.
Take notes
It sounds a bit strange, but I'm happy to note the people with whom I go out.
I write on where they come from, what they do for a living, what things they like or funny
things that we talked about. After every appointment I make a few notes on this meeting,
and keep at it. Should I go out again with the same person, I watch a few minutes before I
losgehe at my notes. This method helps me to get into the mood, so my date is given full
attention. You must not write detailed essays. A few specific key points should be enough to get
the person to recall.
Set mute your phone
When I go out I put my phone on "vibrate only". The same thing I propose to you also,
even if you go out with currently only one person. If your phone constantly during
the appointment makes noise, it can completely destroy your mood or your date's
confidence (in you). I only watch it on my phone when the other person goes to the toilet or
for other reasons I'm alone for a moment.
Keep your bedroom clean
If an appointment ends in your bedroom, you should ensure that no traces indicate other
individuals with whom you go out. Before you go out, you should condom packaging,
long blonde hair and similar in principle to remove and clean up. I can assure you that no
one even intimate nascent meeting ended as abruptly as the discovery of an empty condom wrapper in the trash.

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